Stitch your own Paisley Pattern

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The Tapestry of Renfrewshire is now well underway.  There are two distinct parts to the tapestry project - A Call to Yarns and the Main Tapestry Panels.

A Call to Yarns

We invite you to stitch your own Paisley Pattern. The theme can be anything you want: your local areas history, your family history, a story from your own past etc, something which essentially connects with Renfrewshire.  The Template for your teardrop pattern, cross or circle can be downloaded download resources above.  Please print as an A4 document and trace the tear drop, circle or cross on to your fabric.  (There is no longer a deadline for submitting completed Paisley patterns or teardrops)

The Paisley Thread Mill Museum ( Stitching Group meets every Wednesday afternoon 12-4pm and will also meet on Saturday afternoons from the 4th March 2017.  These are drop in sessions, but numbers will have to be limited during the week due to the location of the museum.   Please come a long and visit the museum in the Mile End Mill, and embark on your stitching Project.   The museum will also be running special workshops.

Main Tapestry Panels

The first tapestry panel is now being stitched by the Paisley Thread Mill Museum, Stitching Group.  Work is carried out on a Wednesday and Saturday afternoon between 12 and 4 pm when the museum is open.   Check for full details of the museums location and opening times.

The second and third panels are currently being stitched, with the topics of Paisley Abbey and the High Stewards of Scotland.  It is anticipated that Paisley Abbey Stitchers will work on the Abbey panel while the Disability Resource Centre in Paisley are working on the 3rd..

Many of the small teardrop, curcle and cross embroideries will be integrated into the main tapestry panels.

The Project

Call to Yarn LaunchThe Tapestry of Renfrewshire is about the History of the original County of Renfrew, telling the story of the county from the arrival of the early saints in the Dark Ages and  Walter Fitz Alan in the 12th Century, through to modern times.

The textile heritage of the County will be one of the main themes running through the tapestry, though we want to show the diverse history of the whole County.

Between now and the Submission of the Paisley 2021 City of Culture bid in 2017 we intend producing a few sample panels, using Paisley Tear Drops produced by some local stitching groups.  Paisley Thread Mill Museum will be re-starting their Stitching Group; RWH1697 have a stitching group and the Paisley Abbey Stitchers are already working on some of their own projects and will hopefully be working on the project as well.

Until the bid submission in 2017, the main focus will be historical - gathering information and producing a timeline. The timeline is already under preparation, but we intend holding Heritage workshops over the old county, to gather local information and make sure our facts are right before we move to the design stages for the main tapestry. Check out the Research Tab in the menu to see whats happening, comment and add information to your local authority section.

To keep in touch with what we are doing please add your details to our  Information Form in the menu above, or download and complete paper information form (this has still to be added) .